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kids assisted in 2023

Because every child deserves a childhood.

Our Centers have been safe havens for children of abuse and neglect to be seen, heard, and understood—a place to start their journey of healing for over 20 years. The impact made is undeniable and would not be possible without our generous donors, agency & community partners, annual members, wonderful volunteers, and amazing staff. We will not waver from our vision of ending child abuse and neglect. We're rising to the challenge and ask that you join us as we extend our reach and impact in our communities.

Take a look at the impact we've made in 2023 and the children we served just last year.

2023 Impact Statement

mental health counseling hours


students received SAFETY MATTERS education in schools

The most common types of abuse.



Sexual child abuse is defined as sexual activity with a child by an adult, adolescent or older child.



Physical child abuse is an injury resulting from physical aggression. Even if the injury was not intended, the act is considered physical abuse.



Neglect is a common type of child abuse. Yet victims are not often identified, primarily because neglect is a type of child abuse that is an act of omission—of not doing something.



Other is defined as emotional, verbal, or psychological abuse that interferes with the child's mental health or social development.

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