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Our services help children feel safe, seen, and heard. By supporting, healing, and educating today’s children, they are equipped to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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Affectionately known as the A-team, the advocacy team is a highly trained unit that provides victim and mental health advocacy to every child assigned to the center.

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CARES (Community Awareness, Advocacy, Resources, Education, and Support) is a community-based initiative to reach a wider demographic of children who are subject to neglect and lack of resources.

CARES aims to:

  • Be the bridge to keeping children in safe and supported homes and out of the judicial child welfare system.
  • Provide families with a myriad of preventive-based services including: resources to support children remaining in safe homes, parenting and child development education, job and household budgeting support, and a number of other direct services.
  • Embody ECCAC’s value of preventive methods of ending childhood neglect.

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